Who is MAY Ltd.?
MAY Ltd. was founded by two Swiss friends who created bikes for their own use. When more and more people started asking them about their bikes, they decided to establish a brand: MAY Ltd.

How come your bikes are so inexpensive?
Our bikes were never made for mainstream or commercial purposes. When many of our friends showed interest in our bikes we decided to offer them to a wider audience, yet to attractive prices. By producing the bikes with trusted factories with whom we collaborate very closely and by selling them directly to you (sparing the middle men) we manage to offer you fair prices but guarantee great quality anyway.

Do you offer product warranty?
All MAY Ltd. products are covered for manufacturing or material defects for a warranty period of 2 years as of date of purchases. We will either replace or repair the faulty product although the compensation or a reduction of purchase price is concluded. The warranty doesn’t cover parts that are subject to wear in normal use.

Do you only offer one bike model?
We’re continuously working on new styles and will launch new models from time to time. Currently we’re wokring on a womans bike that’s to be presented very soon.

Can I purchase your bike from abroad?
We mainly ship to Switzerland, but it's possible to buy from abroad too.
Please note that we must charge different shipping costs, depending what country you want our porduct to be delivered to.
Please be infomed that custom charges might occur according to the tax regulations of your country.

How high are the shipping and custom charges for orders outside Switzerland?
We charge shipping according to your shipping destination:
For all EU countries shipping will be CHF 85.-
For all countries outside of Europe we must charge CHF 150.- for shipping.
Custom charges are regulated by your country and will be charged individually and directly. Please consult  the customs administration of your country for further information.

Can I purchase spare parts with you?
We only work with market-compliant components. Any local dealer will be able to provide matching spare parts.

Where can I let my bike be fixed?
All our bikes are manufactured to high standards and follow strict quality norms. Should a bike be defective before purchasing, please inform us .

I’m not happy with my purchase, how can I return my bike and receive my money back?
In case you change your mind, you can bring back the purchased bike within 7 days to one of our point of sales (view list of shops here) when presenting your receipt. Please note the bike must be in flawless condition and unused to be refunded.



Can I really buy the bike that’s standing here?
Yes, any bike from our streetshop is accessible right away- at any time. All you need to do is enter the 6 digit number on the sales sign on Point of Sale and you’ll be transferred to the payment form. You will receive the 4-digit code for the bike lock within 1 minute via mail upon receipt of your payment. Make sure you have access to your e-mail account and check your spam folder. If you have any troubles please feel free to contact us +41 56 418 10 40.

How can I be sure to receive the lock code after transferring my money?
We are Swiss company, located in Spreitenbach, AG. Your payment transactions can be run through Paypal where all you’re purchases are secured and any payment will be refunded in case of abuse. You’re always free to give us a call +41 56 418 10 40, so we can manage the purchase step by step together.

My lock code isn’t working!
New technology allows us to receive your payment and react directly via e-mail on your phone number. In the very unlikely case that your code isn’t working you can call our Hotline +41 56 418 10 40 in Switzerland, we will gladly attend your call in Swiss German, German, French or English.

I didn’t receive the lock code
You must make sure that you enter your correct e-mail address when registering, as we will send the lock code within 1 minute directly via e-mail to your mobile. If that can’t be the problem, please give us a call +41 56 418 10 40 and we will figure out what went wrong.

How can I test the bike before buying it?
You can test-ride your bike at any of our Points of Sale (view list of shops). By the way, you can also buy our bikes in these stores.